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St. Dismas Prayer

 St. Dismas Jail Ministry Prayer

written by the late "Pappa Joe" Wanner
"Dear God, you who make the sun to shine and the rain to fall upon saints and sinners alike, accept us sinners as instruments in your care of the imprisoned.

Dwell in us.  Fill us with your love.  Help us to see the inmates as our brothers and sisters, ours not to judge or punish, but simply to love.  Let your forgiveness and healing flow through us.

Hold the inmates in your gentle hands in their time of trial.  Guide them to a new life through prayer and reading of your Holy Word.  Help them to remember their dignity as your children.

Lord, please give the grace of forgiveness and strength to the families of inmates.  Console innocent victims of their crimes.  Take all thoughts of bitterness and vengeance from their hearts.

Please bless the women and men of the jail staff. Inspire them with wisdom and patience in their difficult ministry. Keep them safe.  Give them satisfaction as they model your fatherhood in gentleness and justice to the inmates.

Help us to honor the presence of your son, Jesus, in the churches of all Christian traditions with whom we serve.  Help us to cherish and respect your children of other religions.  In your time, give them the Holy Spirit to know Jesus who has saved them.

Bless the leaders of our churches.  Bless our fellow Vincentians working in other parts of your vineyard.

Thanks again, Lord for the privilege to serve your children, the body of your Son, Jesus, in jail.  We pray this in His holy name.”