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Volunteer at a Store

Volunteer opportunities are vast in our Oconomowoc and Waukesha stores. There is a reason St. Vincent de Paul stores provide a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.  They are well stocked, items are presented well and goods can be easily found.  Why? It is because of our wonderful volunteers!  Become part of our Volunteer family!  Click HERE to learn how to get involved. 

The stores provide numerous volunteer opportunities.

18 years of age
4 hours per week required

Adult Teams
Groups of 6 – 8 work best
Call in advance and speak to the manager to schedule date/times.

Arrangements can be made for kids under 18 but must be accompanied by 1 adult per 2 kids.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and departments to choose from:

Men and Women’s Clothing
Furniture & Household Items
Kitchen & Bath
Pictures & Home décor
Dock area & light repair & electronics
And the list goes on!

Contact the location that works best for you!

Oconomowoc Store: 262-569-0761
Pewaukee Store: 262-243-5300
Waukesha Store: 262-547-3281