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Bridging Seminars

While the workshop and graduate program focus on individual financial stability, Getting Ahead recognizes the need to address this on a community level as well. This seminar is designed for individuals and organizations to learn more about all three economic classes, but specifically to increase their understanding of the experience of poverty. It is important that all members of the community are aware of poverty, and its causes. The seminar ends with an invitation to support positive change for individuals and the community. These workshops are offered at no cost to the individual or organization!

Who would benefit from the Bridging Seminars?

Any individuals or organizations looking to increase their understanding of the three economic classes and how everyone must work together to help the community thrive.

This includes:

  • Vincentians doing home visits.
  • Organizations that work with people in poverty.
  • Individuals wanting to increase their own knowledge.

The seminar is based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne’s Bridges Out of Poverty. Through video presentations and guided conversations, seminar participants learn new ways of viewing poverty and those persons living in poverty. The seminar touches on the causes of poverty beyond income, the tyranny of living in poverty and why it is so difficult for those in poverty to change. At the same time, it points to solutions. Key concepts include: Hidden rules, language, resource building. It is a three hour program.