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Jail Ministry FAQ

Sunday Services ~ Men's and women's services in English and a men’s service in Spanish  (County Jail & Huber)

Provided to who?  Sign up involved? Every Sunday? Separate services? 

Distribution of Communion & Prayer Services, a.k.a. “Sunday Services” are provided every Sunday  and on Easter and Christmas.  Each English-speaking male “Pod” is allowed 4 people to sign up (only Pods 6 through 9 on the second floor, plus the male Trustee Pod are eligible to attend).  Women are housed in a single Pod and have no such restriction. Hispanic males are spread throughout the male Pods and there is no limitation on attendance.


Jail Chaplain Visits
How often?  Walk through?  Are there separate one-on-one visits? To inmates only? 

Deacon Dick Niggemann is the official Waukesha County Jail Chaplain and is also a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Jail Ministry.  He performs his ‘walk through’ every Monday afternoon.  He typically provides one-on-one counseling and prayer, answers questions regarding the Bible & scripture, and takes notes of special requests from inmates.  Fr. Tom Suriano conducts Bible Study on Tuesday evenings and, upon request, makes himself available for reconciliation.


One-on-One Visitation 
Jail Chaplain?  Dismas members? Do people sign up somewhere?  How?

In addition to the one-on-one visits provided by Dick Niggemann, inmates can submit a ‘communication form’, requesting a visit.  Our Dismas intake staff reviews these requests and shares them with our team to determine best fit, based upon personality and experience.  These visits are conducted via 2-way video monitors located in the jail visitor lobby.


Group Programs

Are there any group programs held at the Jail by Dismas?

Currently, the only group ‘program’ provided by St. Dismas is the Drum Circle, every third Wednesday of each month.  The previous women’s writing group was disbanded due to lack of interest.


Written Letters ~ Jail and Prison inmates
Who writes? To who? How do you get names?

Like visits, inmates can request a ‘pen-pal’ via communication form.  These requests are reviewed and shared with various Dismas members who comprise the letter writing ‘team.’  In addition, a request may be made after a Sunday Service.  This is the best way, due to the opportunity to get to know the inmates first-hand. 


Eye Care Services ~ Eye exams, reading and prescription glasses

Sign up? How often?  Who can get?

Inmates with vision problems can request an eye exam via communication form.  The Optometrist comes in every third Tuesday and performs the eye exams.  Inmates need to be cleared by WCJ admin/staff.  There is a $16.00 fee for the combined exam & eyeglasses, paid by St. Dismas, but reimbursed by the inmate.  If the inmate has no money, arrangements are made to pay the fee on the behalf of the inmate.


Special Treats on Key Holidays
What holidays?  What kind of treats?

Every major holiday (4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving) we provide popcorn in bulk bags and soda in 12oz cans.  The trustees repackage the popcorn in smaller bags provided by St. Dismas and distribute within the main jail & Huber facilities.  At Christmas & Easter, we provide bags of cookies and candy to inmates and cookie/candy trays to the jail staff.