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About Getting Ahead

Create opportunity, increase awareness, and work to remove barriers for individuals and the community to become more financially stable.

A Waukesha County where everyone has the opportunity to be financially stable and thrive.

Our Program’s Values:


  • We offer everyone in the community a chance grow, learn and change.
  • Getting Ahead is a place for everyone to share their story and take part in removing barriers.

Working Together for Change

  • We believe “A rising tide lifts all boats.”
  • Getting Ahead knows the importance of everyone being at the table - collaboration between community members and organizations is necessary.


  • We believe transparency and integrity in all work being done.
  • Getting Ahead offers opportunity - it is up to the individual and the community to create change.


  • We value generosity of time, spirit and resources. Volunteers are crucial to our program success. As Getting Ahead looks at generosity, there is accountability to the budget, but also consideration of time spent and environmental factors in decision making.
  • Getting Ahead creates a warm, open, and welcoming table for everyone - the setting reflects the importance of the individual and community work.

Diversity Statement: As a program, Getting Ahead uses an economic lens to explore community conditions. Getting Ahead believes all economic classes are important, one is not better than the other. The program welcomes people from all different backgrounds and experiences - all are wanted and valued at the table.