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Planned Giving

Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

Your Legacy of Faith is the ultimate gift you can make and it will ensure your charitable wishes and desires are carried out beyond your lifetime. As Christian stewards, we are taught to seek ways to share what we have been given for the good of others. Your gift will help to ensure the vitality of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and its mission.

St. Vincent de Paul staff and members often hear from friends, neighbors, former patrons and store patrons about the important role the Society played in their lives.  Look almost anywhere in Waukesha County and you will likely see the presence of St. Vincent in one form or another.

Following are just a few of the places you will see St. Vincent Waukesha County at work:

  • The Meal site at the Hope Center where St. Vincent hosts a hot meal to the hungry each Monday evening.
  • The Summer Lunch Program at a park in the City of Waukesha where children and their parents can get a nutritious lunch throughout the summer months.
  • The many parish food pantries that serve people week after week.
  • The County Jail, where visits to inmates are ongoing and aftercare services are offered upon release.
  • The Thrift stores where donated items are provided to those in need.

What you may not see is the assistance St. Vincent Waukesha County offers to your neighbor who recently lost a job, or who is suffering from health issues, or facing eviction or power loss; neighbors who are simply trying to make ends meet during hard times.

Leaving a legacy or bequest to St. Vincent Waukesha County is one way to give back to the community and assure St. Vincent's longevity and continued success in achieving its mission.