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Getting Ahead Workshops


Getting Ahead offers 16 session workshops, to groups of 8-12 participants.
In this workshop, participants take an in-depth look at financial instability
in their own lives, assess their strengths, decide to make a change, and
create their own written personal financial plan.

Who would benefit from the Workshop?

  • Anyone looking to make a financial change in their life!
  • Anyone able to commit to 16 sessions (currently held in the evenings).
  • Anyone looking for peer support and motivation as they work on their financial goals!

How can someone get involved in the Workshops? (link to get involved)

  • Sign up to serve a meal for the group.
  • Become a facilitator to help lead and support the group in their path to change.
  • Donate to Getting Ahead to keep the workshops going!

What’s up next for the Workshops?

Traditional Getting Ahead Programing is currently cancelled due to COVID-19. We are currently in the planning stages of adapting the workshop to be safely run in the Fall. We are hoping to offer a Waukesha Workshop in English and Spanish beginning in September. Please contact our office if you are interested in participating in it.