Fundamental Logo

Organizational Structure


International Council

Paris, France
5 Continents – – 150 Countries – – 44,600 Conferences and 800,000 Members

USA National Council

St. Louis, Missouri
64,300 Active, 27,083 Associate and 59,251 Contributing Members
More than 150,000 members in 8 Regions throughout the US form St. Vincent de Paul. Waukesha is part of the North Central Region of the US

(Arch)Diocesan Councils

51 (Arch)Diocesan Councils unite the District Councils. Waukesha is part of the Milwaukee (Arch)Diocesan Council.

District Councils Support Conferences

There are 4,441 Conferences that carry on the work of the organization. The Conference is the basic unit of organization in Catholic Parishes,Waukesha District Council is one of 380 District Councils that unite and support the Conferences.

The Waukesha District Council has 24 parish Conferences, the St. Dismas Jail Ministry, and Getting Ahead Program - a mentoring program.