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Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County

Waukesha County Winter Resources
     Overflow Shelter & Warming Stations - Overflow Shelter admission only through referral by Family Promise, Salvation Army, Hebron Housing Services or the Women's Center.

Hope Center

The Hope Center has extended hours beginning November 3 - April 30. The Center will be open 7 days/week for Waukesha County residents only. Programming includes breakfast and lunch.
502 N. East Avenue Waukesha, WI
Sunday: Breakfast (9am); Lunch/Dinner (2pm)
Monday - Saturday: Breakfast (9am); Lunch (12pm)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Dinner (5:30pm)

Each of the 3 shelters managed by the Hebron House of Hospitality will offer warming services for guests for up to 2 hours at a time. Please be advised that warming hours are suspended between 5pm-7pm to allow for nightly shelter intake.

Hebron Housing Services 

For emergency shelter, call (262) 549-8722

Juno House 
812 N. East Avenue Waukesha, WI *Families & Singles - no sex offenders (24 hours/day)

Siena House
1519 Summit Avenue Waukesha, WI *Single men - no sex offenders (6pm-7am)

Jeremy House
1301 E. Moreland Blvd Waukesha, WI *Singles; sex offenders served (24 hours/day)

Additionally, the Hebron House has extended bed capacity at each location., as well as drop in stays. Drop in stays are now available at 10/per month - per household.

Housing Action Coalition

        Tax Preparation-Free from La Casa Esperanza

        Weatherization Services