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     “Vincentians are witness to God’s love by embracing all works of charity and justice”

The Society would not exist without its members and volunteers; they are the Society. They live their faith in action by visiting people in their homes or in the community, providing friendship and support to those they serve and to each other.  Some, not all, of our volunteers choose to answer the call to become Vincentians (followers of St. Vincent de Paul.) Those that do, seek to share their personal journey to grow in holiness by helping neighbors in need by putting their faith into action.  

Activities and services may include partnering with a fellow Vincentian on a Home Visit to learn what assistance may be needed such as rent, utilities, transportation needs, etc.  Other Vincentian activities may include delivering food baskets, serving meals, keeping a food pantry stocked or visiting someone who is homebound or in a nursing home. There are numerous charitable activities that one can do. No work of charity is foreign to the Society.

Of all the activities that Vincentians do, it is encouraged members find the work that they are comfortable with and enjoy doing. 

Our local parish-based conferences are always open to new volunteers who bring their hearts and hands to help those in need.  Consider joining the team of 500+ members in Waukesha County.  Contact your local Catholic parish to learn more about volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul.  

Do you have questions about St. Vincent de Paul membership?  Look for the answer HERE.