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Getting Ahead


The Getting Ahead program has 4 main components that focus on financial stability for
individuals and the community: Workshops, Graduate Program, Bridging Seminars, and
Community Voice for Change.


Getting Ahead Workshops

Getting Ahead offers 16 session workshops, to groups of 8-12 participants. In this workshop, participants take an in-depth look at financial instability in their own lives, assess their strengths, decide to make a change, and create their own written personal financial plan.


Getting Ahead Graduate Program

After successfully completing the Getting Ahead Workshop, graduates are invited to be a part of the Graduate Program. In this program, graduates work on their personal financial plan, grow in understanding of their financial needs and resources, while working with their peers and mentors.


Bridging Seminars

While the workshop and graduate program focus on individual financial stability, Getting Ahead recognizes the need to address this on a community level as well. This seminar is designed for individuals and organizations to learn more about all three economic classes, but specifically to increase their understanding of the experience of poverty. It is important that all members of the community are aware of poverty, and its causes. The seminar ends with an invitation to support positive change for individuals and the community.


Community Voice for Change (CVC)

Having gained a common understanding of the three economic classes, everyone can come to the table to work for change. Community Voice for Change provides monthly meetings to collect the community voice and experiences in order to create and distribute reports.

CVC works to collaborate with individuals and community partners to remove barriers and help the community thrive.