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Graduate Program

After successfully completing the Getting Ahead Workshop, graduates are invited to be a part of the Graduate Program. In this program, graduates work on their personal financial plan, grow in understanding of their financial needs and resources, while working with their peers and mentors.


Who would benefit from the Graduate Program?

Anyone who has completed the Getting Ahead Workshop AND is looking for continued support to work on meeting the goals of their personal financial plan.


How can someone get involved in the Graduate Program?

Getting Ahead is in need of additional mentoring support! The Graduate Program is currently held once a month on the second Wednesday of the month from 6-8PM. Mentors would attend these meetings to offer guidance and support as the graduates work on their personal financial plans. Please contact the Getting Ahead office if interested.

What's up next for the Graduate Program?

Traditional Getting Ahead Programing is currently cancelled due to COVID-19. While our large group meetings are on hold, we are currently running our Graduate Program remotely with one on one meetings over the phone. Interested Mentors can be virtually trained to support this process- please contact our office if you would like to support our Grads as they work on their financial plan.