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St. Vincent de Paul Core Ministry

The Home Visit is the basic, most fundamental activity of St. Vincent de Paul. Its purpose is to build a helping relationship by offering support, prayer and hope to people in need.  If you are in need of assistance, call the Catholic Church in your neighborhood to reach a St. Vincent de Paul member.  In most cases you will be asked to leave a message.  Be sure to speak slowly and clearly, leave a brief message about the help you are requesting, your phone number and the best time of day to reach you.  Click on 'Conference Directory' below for a complete listing of Waukesha County parishes with St. Vincent de Paul Conferences.

Generally, you will receive a call back within 24 hours.  A St. Vincent de Paul member will return your call, inquire about your specific need and schedule an in-home visit. Two members will meet with you to understand your needs and identify what assistance may be  provided.

Assistance may include emergency rent, utilities, food, clothing, household goods, referral services and programming to help navigate a path to financial stability.  The person-to-person caring visit is what sets us apart from other helping agencies.

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