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Your Help Can Make a Difference in People’s Lives

There are pockets of poverty in every community in Waukesha County.  Not to mention life’s situations such as loss of the family unit, health issues, medical bills and costs of medications, job loss, vehicle problems, etc.  Any given day of the week, Vincentian members hear these stories and pleas for help and learn just how difficult it is for many to just get by. 

St. Vincent de Paul strives to help lift people out of their darkness.  Through one-on-one Home Visits, members provide prayer, hope, encouragement, an ear to listen, and a hand in the time of crisis.  Assistance may include food, rent or utility assistance, transportation needs, clothing, furniture and/or referral services. Last year, Vincentian members made over 500 Home Visits throughout Waukesha County neighborhoods.

St. Vincent de Paul supports a variety of outreach ministries in Waukesha County. And for every program that helps a person in need, there are also opportunities to volunteer. To expand our ministry offerings in the future, we need volunteers and financial support. 

Please consider guiding a neighbor in need to one of these programs. Call your local Catholic Church to contact a St. Vincent de Paul volunteer.